HIPAA Compliance Plan
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§ 495.208 Avoiding duplicate payment.

(a) Unless a qualifying MA EP is entitled to a maximum payment for a year under the Medicare FFS EHR incentive program, payment for such an individual is only be made under the MA EHR incentive program to a qualifying MA organization.

(b) Payment to qualifying MA organizations for a qualifying MA-affiliated eligible hospital under common governance only occurs under the MA EHR incentive program to the extent that sufficient data does not exist to pay such hospital under the Medicare FFS hospital incentive program under §495.104 of this part. In no event are EHR incentive payments made for a hospital for a payment year under this section to the extent they have been made for the same hospital for the same payment year under §495.104 of this part.

(c) Each qualifying MA organization must ensure that all potentially qualifying MA EPs are enumerated through the NPI system and that other identifying information required under §495.210(b) is provided to CMS.

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