HIPAA Compliance Plan
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§422.322 Source of payment and effect of MA plan election on payment.

(a) * * *

(3) Payments under subpart C of part 495 of this chapter for meaningful use of certified EHR technology are made from the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund or the Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund. In applying section 1848(o) of the Act under sections 1853(l) and 1886(n)(2)of the Act under section 1853(m) of the Act, CMS determines the amount to the extent feasible and practical to be similar to the estimated amount in the aggregate that would be payable for services furnished by professionals and hospitals under Parts B and A, respectively, under title XVIII of the Act.

(b) Payments to the MA organization. Subject to §412.105(g), §413.86(d), and §495.204 of this chapter and §§422.109, 422.316, and 422.320, CMS’ payments under a contract with an MA organization (described in §422.304) with respect to an individual electing an MA plan offered by the organization are instead of the amounts which (in the absence of the contract) would otherwise be payable under original Medicare for items and services furnished to the individual.

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